Fresh Blossom Branch and Rose Floristry Arrangement

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How to display fresh blossom branches with artificial roses.

This is one of my all times favourite types of designs. I love to take cuttings from my blossom trees, insert them into a container and combine with artificial flowers. As the sap rises in the branches and with the warmth of your home it doesn’t take long for nature to do her bit!

Things to gather:
- I used a tall earthenware ceramic container embellished with roses – that’s where the inspiration came from to use the cream roses.
- 5 or 7 artificial roses to match or tone with container colours:
- Fresh green soaked floral foam to fill container cavity to just below rim:
Oasis Wet Floral Foam:
Dry Floral Foam:

I used branches of varying heights placed vertically down into container.

Once completed place roses in a natural formation to appear as if still growing.

The warmth of your room will soon have the blossom start to sprout forth, followed by the leaves.

Easy designing using just a few forms - it’s the best!

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