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Today I have a floral design that's classic & formal - ideal for large environments like churches & big venues.

I am very sorry that this has taken so long. This is the follow up I promised all those who submitted design questions on how to create large scale designs for churches, halls and large venues. Here is the link to the large red and white arrangement I did previously: https://youtu.be/7rOmZP5NJgw

Many asked can artificial’s be used alongside fresh flowers/foliage in this type of designing, and the answer is YES. It’s the perfect solution for all you ladies and gentlemen who create the spectacular floral displays weekly at church.

When I was creating and selecting the flowers for my new range at www.prestigebotanicals.com I had you in mind. The flowers are realistic, sized to what nature produces & TBH the only thing missing is the fragrance.

You will need:
- Large urn or vessel to hold and display flowers
- Wet foam to fill cavity of container

From the range, I’m using the wonderful tall delphiniums, hydrangea, camellia topiary (the best filling flower for this type of design), holly and gum.

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