A French Inspired Camellia Topiary Design

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If like me, you’ve had bother creating the perfect Camellia topiaries to grace the entrance of your home, then worry no more. I have the perfect solution! When I was creating the flowers for the Prestige Botanicals collection this was the top of the list. I decided if I couldn’t keep the real ones growing free from disease or harsh weather conditions, then I would design permanent ones and I’m thrilled to be able to share the endless possibilities that these perfectly formed topiary can achieve. This is seriously so super easy to get the right look with no fuss and no heartache!

You will need:
- White Camellia Topiary: http://bit.ly/WhiteCamelliaTopiary
- Urn or container
- Grey foam to fill cavity
- Wood bark, wood chips, white pebbles or moss to cover foam

Happy designing!

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