Mixed magnolia, blossom & winter white protea floral design

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Here is a lovely design inspired by the beauty of the grand and stately magnolia. So mighty are these blooms I felt it necessary to create a container to allow them to reign supremely.
The decoupaged pot was super easy to create and for those new to the craft, see my video on it: https://youtu.be/UXWEAEOqGFE

Things to gather:
- 5 Magnolia leaves: https://bit.ly/MagnoliaFoliage
- 2 Tulip magnolia: https://bit.ly/FuchsiaMagnoliaTulip
- 3 pink magnolia blooms: http://bit.ly/PinkMagnolia29
- 2 winter white king protea: https://bit.ly/WhiteKingProtea
- 2 green king protea: http://bit.ly/GreenKingProtea
- Pussy willow on branches or twisty willow
- Foam to fill container, moss to cover any foam which might show once design is finished.
- If you have access to fresh blossom on long branches, this would be wonderful for your design. I often use branches not far from bud burst and love to watch it open in the warmth of a room. The flower will come first followed by leaves. As long as you keep the foam wet, they will continue growing leaves. This would therefore be a great design for someone who is unable to go outside or may be bed ridden.

If you were looking for an Easter design, then this would be great with a big bird’s nest filled with eggs in the centre of the display.

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