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If you are like me and adore Dahlias and wish to enjoy them long after they have left for their winter sleep, then the blooms at Prestige Botanicals are the perfect solutions. In this design I want to mainly focus on Dahlia blooms but also incorporate a few Roses. I find that the textural form and shapes of the Dahlia in amongst the Roses makes for a delightful bright and happy display.

Things to gather:
- I used a lovely aged rustic urn.
- Large chunky clustering of fresh bay which I used as my base filler. This also helps to support blooms.
- 1 Light Green Dahlia:
- 1 Pale Yellow Dahlia:
- 2 Blush Pink Dahlia:
- 2 Blush Pink Dahlia:
- 2 White Dahlia:
- 1 White and Pink Dahlia:
- Red and apricot Dahlia:
- 1 Cerise Pink Dahlia:
- 3 Short Stem Orange Rose:
- 3 Cupped Floribunda Yellow Rose:
- 3 Pink Cupped Rose:

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