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How to make a Celt/Scottish inspired door wreath for Christmas. Things to gather:
- Willow wreath in a size desired – refer to segment on how to make a willow wreath:
- I used artificial purple and green thistles, white berries, grey/purple succulents, grey lambs ear.
- Hot Glue Gun:
- Snips:
- Jute to fix materials to exterior of wreath:
- Tartan ribbon in your clan colours could also be incorporated.

- Evenly distribute thistles around the exterior of the wreath and attach using jute or string. I always do this so that I can reuse materials.
- Evenly place the lambs ear and berries amongst the thistle and tie to hold in place.
- To place the succulents, I hot glued into place.
- Embellish with ribbon if desired.

Fix to your door and enjoy!

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